The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) believes that research is fundamental to the success and mission of the University of Illinois at Chicago and it’s students, faculty, staff, and postdocs.  We strive to grow, promote, advance, and safeguard research at UIC by conducting world-class research that advances the field of knowledge both locally and globally.  We strive to accomplish this in three very distinct goal areas:

Research Development:

  • Fostering inter-disciplinary partnerships across campus including providing funding for new initiatives and emerging ideas such as the Campus Research Board, Chancellor’s Discovery Fund, Bridge Funding, Ignite Funding and other seed funding as deemed necessary to act as a catalyst for new research.
  • Working with the colleges to develop and sustain research areas of strength that leverage existing talent.
  •  Developing regional, national, and international partnerships with industry, government, and academia.
  • Expanding research opportunities and resources that attract and support a robust number of postdoctoral fellows and to provide support and guidance for these fellows during their tenure at UIC.
  • Providing opportunities for undergraduate students to present their research at the Student Research Forum.

Research Infrastructure:

  • Providing our principal investigators a sustaining environment where research can flourish. We place a very high priority on the creation and operation of quality research services and research resources designed to assist faculty. This includes providing research services through RRC Cores and BRL vivarium, staffed with trained personnel providing help and training for our student and faculty users.
  • Provide exceptional service to the research community that is proactive, friendly, effective and responsive.
  • Assisting faculty in obtaining and managing sponsored research grants through assistance with applications and administration of awarded funds.
  • Developing an electronic research administrative platform that will unify all research submissions and compliance activities, further reducing the administrative burden placed on PI’s and streamlining the operations of the OVCR.

Research Compliance:

  • Ensuring that the University complies with applicable research regulations and meets regulatory compliance for grant management, human subjects, animals and COCI mandates while at the same time remaining cognizant of the administrative burden born by faculty. 
  • Providing training to Colleges and Departments in all areas of research compliance to reduce the likelihood of faculty engaging in conduct resulting in serious and damaging consequences for themselves and the Institution.   

By investing, facilitating and ensuring the integrity of the exceptional research of UIC, the OVCR is committed to the ambitious, aspirational and collaborative spirit and commitment of the mission and vision of the University of Illinois as a major comprehensive land grant research university of the 21st century.