The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research invites you to participate in our open membership research workshops related to the UIC “Research Strengths and Themes” that will help develop the areas or subareas of UIC faculty research in emerging funding opportunities.

As you know, support for sponsored research can ebb and flow depending on factors outside of our control - a private sponsor’s financial portfolio, the State’s budget, and the directions set by Federal administrations. It is ever more critical to nurture our unique strengths and synergies so we can influence and capitalize upon opportunities that come along. The Research Advisory Council (Research Associate Deans of each College), Deans Council, Senate Research Committee and faculty colleagues participated in assessing and categorizing UIC’s research strengths in which six broad, theme based areas emerged:

  • Social Justice and Community Disparities
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Functional and Regenerative Materials
  • Brain
  • Personalized Medicine/Genomics
  • Big Data

Ad hoc working groups in Functional and Regenerative Materials, Big Data (specifically Data Science) and Urban Infrastructure (specifically Water) have already formed and are meeting.  

Anyone with an interest in a particular area is welcome to participate in these open membership groups which we hope will introduce colleagues from different disciplines across campus who have not worked together in the past and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations. 

If some of you would like to take a leadership role in these other groups, please email me at I expect initially that each group will meet monthly for approximately 60-90 minutes, with one or two 30 minute talks followed by 30 minutes of discussion as we work together to determine how to structure these groups going forward. The Office of Research Development Services will identify potential large funding opportunities that the groups may choose to pursue.

In order to gauge interest and determine areas of expertise, we ask you to fill out this form by February 28. Once we have a critical mass in the areas that are additional to the three mentioned above, we will convene the meetings.